207-2 Make Way for Ducklings

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Make Way for Ducklings

Possible Answers


1.  Do you like the book Make Way for Ducklings?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I liked this book!  It was a story with a happy ending.  I like animals very much.  I like to read books about animals.  That is why I liked this book.


2.  Do you think this story could really happen?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I think this story is true.  My grandma and grandpa live in the city.  They have a pond and some ducks live there.  They build a nest and hatch eggs every spring.  There are a lot of streets and people around, but it does not bother the ducks.  If this happens by my grandma and grandpa's house I think it could happen in Boston too.


3.  Do you think the people in Boston liked the ducks? Why?
Possible Answer:  I think the people liked the ducks very much.  The pictures in the book showed this.  People liked to feed them peanuts.  The cars waited for them.  People looked out of store windows and smiled at them.  The person who liked them the most was Michael.  He was very kind to the ducks and their ducklings.


4.  What if the Charles River was polluted?  Do you think the ducks could still live there?
Possible Answer:  I'm not really sure.  They might have just left if the river was too polluted.  Ducks might know when places are not safe.  If they did stay and build a nest they might have all got sick and died.


5.  Write a different ending to this story?
Possible Answer:  Mike the Policeman called for help.  He called someone to come and catch the ducks.  A lady came and safely put them into a very big cage.  The lady took the ducks and ducklings out into the woods near a very nice pond.  Then she let them go.  It was the perfect place!  Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and the ducklings lived there happily ever after.



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