William's Doll

Possible Answers


1.  Do you like the book William's Doll?  Why?
Possible Answers:  I did like the book, but I am a girl.  If I were a boy I don't think I would have liked it.  Most of the boys I know don't like to play with dolls.  They would not like to read this book.


2.  Do you agree with William?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I do agree with William.  Boys should play with dolls.  They will learn many things so when they are fathers they will know what to do.  A mother should not be the only one to take care of a baby.  A father should help too.


3.  Do you think William is a creep and a sissy?
Possible Answer:  I do not think he is a creep or a sissy.


4.  What was William's father trying to do when he bought him a basketball and a train?
Possible Answer:  I think he was trying to change William's mind.  He was hoping he would forget about wanting a doll.  He thought he would only want to play basketball or play with the train.


 5.  Do you agree that boys should have dolls so they can learn to be fathers?
Possible Answer:  Yes I do.  It is a good way to learn.  Boys learn to play sports by practicing.  They can learn to be a father the same way.



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