George and Martha


Possible Answers


1.  Which one of the stories in the book George and Martha did you like the best?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I liked the story about George trying to fly.  It was funny.  I don't think the basket was too heavy.  I think George was too heavy.


2.  Which hippopotamus is kinder? George or Martha and why?
Possible Answer:  Most of the time Martha is kinder.  She is always a good friend to George.  The only time she wasn't was when she threw the bathtub at him.  But it was wrong of George to look in the window when she was taking a bath.


3.  Is your best friend more like George or Martha?  Why?
Possible Answer:  My best friend Ryan is like Martha.  Most of the time he is kind to me and tells me the truth.  Sometimes we get in a fight.  It is always Ryan who makes me feel better and helps me understand that everything will be OK.


4.  Which hippopotamus would like for a best friend?
Possible Answer:  I would like George for a best friend.  He is funny and does some silly things.  I like to be around people who are happy.  George seems like a happy friend to have around.


 5.  Friends always look on the bright side, they always know how to cheer you up, and they also tell the truth.  Write about a time when this happened to you.
Possible Answer:  Last year I broke my arm when I fell off of my bike.  It was the first day of summer vacation and I was very sad and mad.  I would have to wear the cast for six weeks.  I wanted to play baseball and go swimming and I couldn't.  My friend Ryan came over every day.  He played with me.  We played things I could do with my cast on.  He was nice to me.  It made things a little better.



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