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A Circle Graph is a helpful way to organize and compare data.  A Circle Graph is sometimes referred to as a Pie Chart because the pieces look like pieces of pie that you might eat.

The entire Circle Graph represents the whole of something.  For example, in the graph below, the whole Circle Graph is ALL (100%) of the people who volunteer in the Community Garden.

Every Circle Graph is divided into parts.  Each individual piece of the pie tells you how many by the size, label, and number of the piece.  Individual pieces may then be compared to the whole pie or graph.  An individual piece may also be compared to other individual pieces in the pie.  The larger the individual part or piece is, the more it represents.

Community Garden Graph

Answer the questions below using the Circle Graph above.

1.  What percentage of High School Students work in the garden? %

2.  What percentage of Middle School Students work in the garden? %

3.  What percentage of Elementary School Students work in the garden? %

4.  What percentage of Adults work in the garden? %

5.  What percentage of Senior Citizens work in the garden? %

6.  What percentage of "Other" work in the garden? %

7.  What group works in the community garden more than any other group?

High School Students


Middle School Students

8.  How many more percentage of Adults work in the garden compared to High School

9.  How many more percentage of High School Students work in the garden compared to Senior Citizens? %

10.  Adults, Elementary Students, and High School Students make up what percentage of people working in the community garden? %



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