1-57 Inches, Feet, and Yards

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Directions: Make sure you have a 12 inch ruler with you while you do this lesson.

Your thumb is about 1 inch long.  Measure it.

Your hand is about 3 inches long.  Measure it.

12 inches is 1 foot.  Look at your ruler.  Find 12 inches.

3 feet is 36 inches.  3 feet is called 1 yard.  Your desk is about 1 yard long.  Measure it.


Fill in the boxes with yes or no.

Is it longer than 3 inches? yes or no
a marker
your shoe
a pin
a straw
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Is it longer than 8 inches? yes or no
a paper clip
your desk
a car
a student scissors
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What is about an inch? Your thumb is about 1 inch.
a shoe or a quarter
an eraser or a pen
your desk or a button
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Is it about a foot (12 inches)? yes or no
a pencil
a telephone book
a man's shoe
a football
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Is it about a yard (36 inches)? yes or no
a tennis racket
a guitar
your bike
a banana
a jump rope



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