1-14 Problem Solving!

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If I go to the store to buy 2 dozen eggs, how many eggs do I buy in all?

Remember there are 12 eggs in 1 dozen.



Patty and Ashley want to go fishing.

Patty finds 7 worms in the garden.

Bill finds no worms in the garden.

Ashley finds 10 more.

How many worms do the two girls have in all?



The kindergarten classroom has 24 children.

The first grade classroom has 21 children.

The second grade classroom has 23 children and the third grade classroom has 27 children.

Put the numbers in order, from smallest to largest.


I had 8 dimes.

I gave 1 dime to my sister.

I spent 3 dimes for an ice cream cone.

How many dimes do I have left?



Dad plants 3 rows of beans in the garden.

He puts 6 in each row.

How many beans did he plant in all?




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