7-4 Language Arts Assessment

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Correcting Grammar Errors

Read and identify grammatical errors in each sentence.  Correct each error from left to right in the boxes below.

1. Are mother is go in on a trip to California 


2. Me brother colects rocks from a round the world.


3. The squirel did not sea wear I planted the seads


4. Are knew house was builded with brick would, and cement.


5. Did you're famly enjoy the movie lass night


6. Mrs. Jameson speakes French very good


7. My brothor, Mike, is won of the most dependible people eye know.


8. American foot ball are a fun game too watch.


9. The skiper teach the crew how to sale the boat


10. Wear did Samuel hide the packkage


11. The state off Maine has only won sylable in it.


12. Kin you play the drums good


13. Mny Ameracans think the Rocky Mountains our beautifull.


14. Mine parrents went to Alaska too watch me bother race


15. The thunder storm lasted well in to the knight.


16. I'l taught you to great potatoes for diner


17. The baby when to sleep awhile riding on the car.


18. On Mondey the president will anounce him knew tax plann.


19. The student's in fifth grade is going on a trip next weak.


20. What a beutiful day   Lets take a wok





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