5-9 Pronouns - Objective Case

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Personal Pronouns are very useful in making sentences shorter.  However, how do you know what pronoun to use?  The personal pronoun must agree with the CASE, GENDER, and NUMBER.

Agreement in Case - Objective Case

Objective case refers to pronouns that replace the object of a sentence. (Direct object, indirect objective, or object of a preposition.)  The pronoun must be in the objective case.  Me, us, you, him, her, it, and them are examples of pronouns that are objective case.

They gave her the award.

Identify the objective case pronouns below.

He sent the book to me in the mail.
Objective case

You must give him the papers tomorrow.
Objective case

He brought it to me after dinner.
Objective case

She brought us a wonderful gift.
Objective case

We will take the letter to her in the morning
Objective case

She threw the football at you.
Objective case

I will bring you the boxes after supper.
Objective case

My sister and I are going to take the computer to them.
Objective case

They are asking Mike and me to bring the boxes to you.
Objective case ,



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Objective Case