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Action verbs take objects.  The same verb can be used as an action verb or a linking verb.  A verb is a linking verb if it points back to the subject and an action verb if it does something.  Look at the sentences below.

Linking Verb Action Verb
Mary feels sad. Mary feels the soft carpet.
Jack turned twelve yesterday. Jack turned the key.
I smell clean after a shower. I smell the rose bush often.

Some verbs are always acting as linking verbs.  These verbs never have objects, for example, to be, to seem, and to become.  The words is, are, was, were, has been, are being, and might have been are always linking verbs.

If you can substitute am, is, or are for the verb and the sentence still sounds correct, you have a linking verb. If, after the substitution, the sentence makes no sense, you have an action verb.

Identify the verb in each sentence as a linking verb or an action verb.


Jerry turned nine yesterday.
Linking Verb Action Verb
Jane turned the faucet on.
Linking Verb Action Verb
Mom ate pizza for supper.
Linking Verb Action Verb
The weather seems dangerous today.
Linking Verb Action Verb
The book is very good to read.
Linking Verb Action Verb
James appeared well.
Linking Verb Action Verb
James appeared quickly.
Linking Verb Action Verb
The deer jumped fast.
Linking Verb Action Verb
The deer jumped the fence.
Linking Verb Action Verb
Mitch looks well.
Linking Verb Action Verb



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