5-5 Linking Verbs

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Linking verbs do not have objects.  Linking verbs tell us something about the subject of a sentence.

Joan feels good.
The pie tastes great.
She seems mad.
The rose smells nice.

The verbs in the sentences above point back to the subject.  The verb does not point to an object.  The verbs are called linking verbs because the verb joins another word in the sentence to the subject.  The verb links words together.

Write the linking verbs in each sentence.

The clam chowder smells good.
Linking verb

Matt feels sleepy.
Linking verb

Loretta becomes hot after running.
Linking verb

The fire truck is red.
Linking verb

Teachers seem happy!
Linking verb

The boys looked confused.
Linking verb

The girls appeared excited.
Linking verb

The plane was high in the air.
Linking verb

The cars were ahead of the bus.
Linking verb

The man's face turned red.
Linking verb



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Linking Verbs