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Personal Pronouns are very useful in making sentences shorter.  However, how do you know what pronoun to use?  The personal pronoun must agree with the CASE, GENDER, and NUMBER.

Agreement in Number

The pronoun that replaces a noun must agree in number.  The pronoun must be singular or plural like the noun it replaces.

The singular pronouns are; I, me, my, it, its, she, her, hers, you, your, yours, he, him, and his.

The plural pronouns are; we, us, our, ours, they, them, their, theirs, you, your, and yours.


Determine the correct pronoun by gender below.

Marty, Jane and I like football.  decided to go to the St. Louis Rams game.

Bob likes car!  He saw you driving it yesterday!

I was walking on the beach when found the bottle.

I know you have two dogs.  Is that running over there?

Look!  There is Jill!  Is that car?  That can't be !

My brother took my bracelet.  I told him to give it back to .

I went to the Anderson's house.  I like house.  I think their house is better than .  It has a bigger family room than our house.  But house has a bigger living room than the Anderson's house.  The Anderson's should see our house.  Let's invite over to our house.  I think would love to see our house.

sister loves to tease me.  I think is her favorite thing to do.  She is the oldest in our family.  loves me very much.

I like that bracelet, Jill.  Did your brother give that bracelet to ?

Jeremy loves job.  His boss gave an increase in salary last month.



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Case, Gender, and Number