5-11 Pronouns - Agreement in Gender

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Personal Pronouns are very useful in making sentences shorter.  However, how do you know what pronoun to use?  The personal pronoun must agree with the CASE, GENDER, and NUMBER.

Agreement in Gender

Pronouns agree in gender.  She replaces the female gender while he replaces the male gender.  For example, "Mary lost her ring" would be written, "She lost her ring."

While people have gender, things do not.  Things are gender neutral, such as house, door, and ring.  We replace things with the pronoun it.


Choose the correct pronoun below.

Annabelle lost (his, her) hat in the wind.

Stephan took (his, her) boat out fishing.

(It, His, Her) is an amazing book.

King Richard ordered (his, her) army to war.

Natalie wore (his, her)   dress to school.

Jimmy took his pencil, and gave (it, his, her) to Cary.

Nobody knows (it, his, her),   but Bridget ran (it, his, her) heat in the fastest time.

(It, His, Her) car can go 120 mph.  Malcome works on
(it, his, her)
every night.



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Personal Pronouns