The words a, an, and the are called articles.  A noun follows articles.  A goes before nouns that start with a consonant, such as "a computer."  An  goes before nouns that begin with a vowel, such as "an elephant."

A and an are called indefinite articles because they don't point to a definite thing.  When we say "a tree" we don't mean a definite or specific one.  However, when we say "the tree" we mean one specific tree.  The is a definite article.

Indefinite articles - a and an

She saw a flower in the garden.  They found an egg on the ground.

Definite article - The book is her favorite.


Directions: Put the correct article in each sentence.

Use a, or an

octopus has eight legs.
I ordered soda and ice cream cone.
Our family is going on vacation to South America.
I need new set of boots.
Ely wrote a story about elephant that ran away from the zoo.
Our class is going on a field trip to historical museum.
Is that endangered animal?
Stan received A- on his spelling test.
The winner of the race is woman, not a man.
I'm making my little brother alphabet book.


Directions: Put the correct article in each sentence.

Use the, or an

book, Alice in Wonderland is my favorite.
show will last for two hours.
We found ant hill in the back yard.
My mom will go to the hospital to have baby.
computer repairman is on his way.
We saw airplane fly through the clouds.
She will use encyclopedia to write her report.
Use dictionary to find the definition of the word.



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