3-6 Conjunctions

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Conjunctions connect words together.

And is a conjunction. It adds things together.  I like to sing and dance.

Or is a conjunction.  The word or joins words together, but it makes you choose one or the other.  Example:  Which animals do you like best, cats, dogs, or  fish.


You can use or and and to join two sentences and make them into one.

I am going to watch TV.  I am going to eat popcorn.

I am going to watch TV, and I am going to eat popcorn.


We want to eat pizza.  We want to eat tacos.

We want to eat pizza, or we want to eat tacos.


A comma is usually put before a conjunction when we connect two sentences.  The comma and conjunction say:  these two thoughts could be sentences by themselves, but I put them into one sentence.

Conjunctions we use most often are and, or, so, because, and but.


Directions: Put the correct conjunction in each sentence.

Use and, or, so, because, and but.

Sam would like to go today, he will go tomorrow instead.
Jimmy Carter was a former President, so was George Bush.
I did my homework at 6:00, I could watch TV at 8:00.
We cut the vegetables into small pieces, we were putting them in the soup.
Allison smiled, the dog performed the trick perfectly.
Lindsey grew up in Tennessee, she knows the area well.
The kangaroo could have jumped higher, it had an injured leg.
I'd like a piece of chocolate, I will choose an apple instead.
The electricity went out, the oven stopped.
The pilot has flown an airplane, he has also flown a helicopter.
Mom called the optometrist, she broke her glasses.
We cleaned our rooms, mom didn't have to.
The pet store has fish, many tropical birds too!
I know that 13 + 14 = 27, I'm very good at addition.
Lee took him to the doctor, the doctor could take an x-ray.
Robin didn't go to school today, he will go tomorrow.



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