3-19 Using Prefixes

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A prefix is found at the beginning of a word.  A prefix is not a word by itself, but rather it is just a few letters.  A prefix is added in front of a base word to make a new word.  Two common prefixes are un- and re-.  Here are a few examples:

unfair unlike repair recount


The prefix un- means "not" or "the opposite of."

unfair would mean not fair
unlike would mean not like the others

The prefix re- means "do it again."

repair means to fix it again
recount means to count again


Make new words below by adding the prefix un- or re- in front of the base word.
Be sure the word makes sense when choosing the prefix.

 1.  call

 2.  make

 3.  happy

 4.  view

 5.  safe

 6.  well

 7.  tell

 8.  take

 9.  hurt

10.  cover



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Prefixes UN and RE