3-13 Cultural Sayings

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Sayings are statements that describe our culture.  For example, "Actions speak louder than words" means it's what you do that really counts.

Match the saying with the true meaning below.

A. Actions speak louder than words.   B. Beggars can't be choosy.
C. Let bygones be bygones. D. Look before you leap.
E. Beat around the bush. F. A place for everything and everything in its place.
G. Clean bill of health. H. The show must go on.
I. On its last leg. J. Last straw.
K. Cold shoulder. L. A feather in your cap.
M. Touch and go N. Rule the roost.


You should forget about the feelings you may have about someone and try to become friends.
To explain something is in perfect shape.
When someone ignores you.
To avoid talking about something.
Unsure what will happen.
When something is about to die or breakdown.
It's what you do that really counts.
The person ruling or bossing people around.
Being pushed too far.  More than one can take.
If you are needy, you shouldn't be picky.
Getting credit for something you are proud of.
You should put things where they belong.
No matter what happens, we must continue.
You should be careful and think about things before you do something.


Cultural Sayings