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More practice with contractions.  Use the contractions below to complete the sentences.

I + am = I'm It + is = It's
I + have = I've It + will = It'll
I + would = I'd Is + not = Isn't
I + will = I'll He + is = He's
Do + not = Don't She + is = She's
Does + not = Doesn't He + would = He'd

(I am) a student.

(It is) not your pencil.

She (does not) know you.

(He would) like to go along with you.

(I have) a box of crayons.

(It will) take time to walk there.

(Do not) throw things in school.

(She is) my sister.

(I would) go with you tonight.

It (is not) fair!

(I will) play ball with you.

(He is) not friendly.



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